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You know what? I wanna chill for a lil while.

2015-04-03 22:57:55 by zer0hawk9339








New projects?

2009-05-17 04:44:49 by zer0hawk9339

What's up guys!I am confused...Take a look of this picture ... should i make animation with aliens?

New projects?

So...I know there are not a lot of people waching this stuff but is some crap wallpaper (it is 1 hour of work) i really can do much better but when i get bored i try to do it fast before i get mad!

Yeah New Wallpaper - some progress?

sooo yeah...

2008-10-21 16:51:29 by zer0hawk9339

so our last project "COURAGE" just fade away!OK?!It's gone!Becuz' I just bought a tablet and when I back to that crap I saw it and I said "HOLY FUCK WHAT THE HELL???I've got to start all over again"and I stopped so there are also 2 new projects that I hope I will make complete films! the first one already doesn't got name...
-It is namless....But now feel so angry cuz I started that project in 12fps and now I cant change the frame rate cuz if is 20 or stuff It goes too fast and not good...whatever...The second project is called:
-Devil Fight
It is part 2 cuz I made the 1st and you can see it in my profile(if you allready have not,shame on you!)So yeah...I've got that freakin' camera effect and now I can make very realistic animations with a lot of movements....Also the 2nd part is being nice,I'm making it at 21 FPS !!!YAHOOOOO!!!So I have a lot to learn in flash and I feel I'm gonna raise myself someday.I'm bound to say that I am not professionally working with flash and I am also bound to say that I'm not painter,I'm just learning myself how to do this and that!
-And Yeah at 4th november I'm making one Year of flash stuff!YaaY!So.....
I'm really sorry about that You can not see my latest flash animations,they are way better than this over there(They are little bastards!!!)And yeah...finally when I upload my flashes I hope you like them you've got to know that I also am happy cuz in 1 year(almost 1 year!!!!!!)I learn a lot in flash(without that fuckin actionscript...i don't get a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.... ).
I learn a lot of effects in there also a realistic backgrounds,which make me thing about,I maybe am designer animator....not character,cuz I love to make beauty backgrounds and stuff trees,buildings and all kind of stuff.
And atleast If you want to see some of my "makings" you can go here : 9rF8 for the "nameless"
and here : lCX4 for the second part of Devil fight or whatever...and do not forget to check out my youtube profile to subscribe and rate!
So I wish you happy day and good night!!!

Also there is a picture of what my guys look like!

sooo yeah...

New project!

2008-09-09 09:06:52 by zer0hawk9339

Hey guys,XLA ,my team, makes first project outdoors!!!The name is Courage soon it's going to be on NG,can't wait for it!Because It's good as it think :D.Ok...hope you like it!Here is one pitcute for you.Giggady Giggady gu!

New project!